Runemaster Studios

Zak Kosmic

CREATED by Scott Alan Kinney
CHARACTERS DESIGNED by Christian Colbert & Adam Lawrence

Comic Series Coming in 2005

LOGLINE: An eleven year-old boy, Zak, finds a powerful, yet kid-sized, alien battlesuit controlled by A.I. technology in his closet. Zak’s first idea is to live out his fantasy of being a real-live superhero, but when a dark alien overlord comes looking for his stolen technology, the boy must fight for the survival of himself, his family, and the entire earth.

It’s ET meets Star Wars told with a young comic book hero in the vein of Spider-Man.

ZAK TYLER, a normal thirteen year-old boy living in a West End NYC brownstone with his father, JACK, and mother, TERRY, went to his toy filled closet early one morning with the idea of grabbing a pair of hi top sneakers. To his horror, he immediately notices that his favorite giant-sized robot toy, a KOSMIC GUARDIAN, is missing. Desperately tearing into a toy robot-sized pile of clothes, Zak discovers something more awe-inspiring than any mere plaything, he finds a powerful ALIEN BATTLESUIT—and it’s just his size! Zak assumed he was dreaming earlier, when, in the middle of the night, he thought he briefly saw a smallish FURRY LIZARD CREATURE leaping out of his room through the open window. After all, he’d already been warned about watching monster films right before bed! What Zak didn’t know, but will soon learn, is a drama of cosmic proportions had been played out the evening before. As he tried on the strange and wondrous outfit, previously stashed in haste, he couldn’t have known he was suiting up for center stage.


The battlesuit Zak inherited was created for an evil galactic dictator known as LORD DREADNITE, so called because he is the greatest cause of nightmares in the known galaxy. The technologically advanced suit, consisting of ray-emitting gauntlets, rocket boots, a power pack capable of creating an energy field, and goggles with an array of spectrum displays, is controlled with the aid of an artificial intelligence chip made up of biological material. This A.I. chip is known as a BIO BRAIN. According to Dreadnite’s plans, this Bio Brain would ultimately control any wearer of the suit, and he would control the Bio Brain.

Dreadnite forced a brilliant alien scientist, DR. H’DRERION, to create the battlesuit and Bio Brain by holding the poor inventor’s entire world hostage with the threat of a MUTARA attack—sort of a swarm of cosmic locusts at the dark lord’s command. These suits were to be created to fit a slave army, a conquered race of small, furry lizard people known as the RODAKS. This powerful army would be equipped with battlesuits, and controlled from a central location. Like a galactic GENGHIS KAHN and his MONGOL HORDE, Dreadnite would rip through the remaining civilized worlds of the galaxy.

But, the good Dr. H’drerion, understanding the stakes, didn’t lose his wits or his courage. After the initially successful tests of the battlesuit, H’drerion reprogrammed the suit’s Bio Brain to allow for the independent thought of its wearer. Then, in a desperate gambit, he allowed the suit to be “stolen” by a rebel Rodak leader named BRUVO, and allowed himself, and his lab to be destroyed in an act of ultimate sacrifice. Bruvo had worked out this plan with the valiant doctor beforehand. Perhaps the only existing battlesuit and Bio Brain could be used by the resistance against Lord Dreadnite. It was the best plan they had. It was the only plan available!

Being hotly pursued after the theft of the battlesuit, Bruvo LIGHTJUMPS in his small spacecraft from one sector to the next, but his older craft isn’t a match for the superior pursuit ships of Dreadnight’s galactic fleets. Bruvo is overtaken and attacked in SECTOR 1178, a small solar system with a weak sun and nine undeveloped worlds in its orbit (our own SOL system). Bruvo manages to find one inhabited world in the system to escape to, so he launches himself and the battlesuit in a small escape pod toward the planet. He maneuvers the pod to a densely populated island on the night side of the planet in hopes of losing himself in the throng.

Since spiriting the battlesuit from the lab of Dr. H’drerion, Bruvo hasn’t had a moment of spare time. Here, too, on the darkened streets of Manhattan, Bruvo finds himself harried by Dreadnite’s HORDETROOPERS. Knowing their bio scanners are keyed on him, Bruvo has two choices, he can attempt to use the battlesuit himself in a last stand, or, he can hide it somewhere in hopes of it being recovered by one of his fellow resistance fighters. Not having any experience with the suit (if he had only known its power!), he decides to hide it, and put as much distance between it and him before being tracked down.

And this is how the powerful alien battlesuit came into the possession of the young Zak Tyler! Bruvo adroitly scaled the walls of the brownstone occupied by Zak and his parents and entered the first opened window he could find. He found the room occupied by a small alien form, but it appeared to be in a HYBERCYCLE (sleep). Bruvo found the youngling’s closet and traded the Kosmic Guardian toy for the battlesuit. After placing the robot toy in a concealing duffle bag, he took a slim moment to observe the young boy in his bed. It is that moment Zak awakened and caught a fleeting glimpse of the strange creature. In the space of a heartbeat, it was gone. A groggy boy slipped back into his deep slumber.


After putting on the alien battlesuit, a SUPERHERO COSTUME, in the mind of the 13-year-old, he becomes aware of the Bio Brain. The Bio Brain, who Zak later refers to as “BB,” is able to communicate the functions of the suit. Because of their synaptic link, Zak is soon able to master the functions of the amazing outfit (in fact, it’s discovered that the entire suit is a living entity, allowing Zak and BB form a more symbiotic relationship). He also learns, through BB, of what’s OUT THERE. The Bio Brain is programmed with all the libraries of the known universe. With that edge, and the power of the suit, perhaps the pair will manage to survive a mere few days against the almost unlimited forces of Lord Dreadnite. But with bravery, and a little good fortune, Zak, who now fancies himself to be the hero known as ZAK KOSMIC, will do more than survive, he’ll rally a rebel army to the aid of Earth.

In the adventure ahead, Lord Dreadnite, in an attempt to trap the boy, will replace Zak’s parents with DOPPLEGANGERS. This ruse is found out with the aid of BB, but Zak will be lured into another dimension by Dreadnite, who uses Zak’s parents as bait. How will Earth possibly survive the dreaded cosmic swarm of the Mutara in his absence?!!!

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