Runemaster Studios

Cyberian: The Tiger-Man

As a child of rich industrialist Arthur Grace, the streets of Grimal City were a place where young Thomas Grace could play stick-ball or hide and seek with his friends. Young Grace left those streets as a boy sent to fight in the Great War and returned a man, a man shell-shocked and battle worn. While serving in the War, Grace mastered various martial arts, including several feline forms of Kung Fu taught to him by a mysterious ancient master. His only desire after the war was to return home to the life he fondly remembered, however, that was not meant to be.

For you see, Grimal City is now the hub of the world’s most powerful criminal organization, the Faustino family. Sworn to eradicate all those who stand in their way, the Faustinos quickly had Arthur Grace and his loved ones slain.The Faustinos thought they’d removed their main political adversary in Arthur Grace. Little did they know they’d driven his son to declare a new war on them, one to be fought by his alter-ego, Cyberian, the Tiger-Man.

  • Created and Written by: Mike Bullock
  • Artwork by: Jack Lawrence and Marcelo Di Chiara