Runemaster Studios

Nuts & Bolts

Giz’Moe and his junkbot friends have no recall of how they came to inhabit the Nuts & Bolts scrap yard, for them there has never been a time when the yard wasn’t their home.While things seldom change at Nuts & Bolts, today is a day like no other as they discover an evil developer is forcing the sale of the scrap yard in order to pave it over for a new shopping mall!Where will Giz and his family go if the scrap yard is no more? It’s up to you to guide Giz and the Nuts & Bolts gang on a quest to save the yard from bulldozers and steamrollers. But watch out for the junkyard dog, Spike the pit-bull, and his mongrel pals!

  • Created by: Mike Bullock
  • Concept Art by: Adam Lawrence